Valentine’s Day Apple Watch Wallpaper Backgrounds – Part II

Apple Watch Info regularly brings you wallpaper backgrounds for your Apple Watch. This week, we offer Valentine’s Day Apple Watch wallpaper backgrounds that will offer a romantic look for your favorite wearable.

Download Instructions

From your iPhone, link to the full resolution image by tapping the individual images. When the new window opens, tap the Safari Extensions icon in the bottom area of your browser, (it looks like a box with an up arrow sticking out of it), and tap “Save image” to save the image to your Photo Library.

After you’ve saved all of the wallpapers you’d like to use, open the Photos app on your iPhone and move the new images to the album you use to share images with you Apple Watch. Now you can go to your Apple Watch, select the new wallpaper as a watch face, and customize it to your heart’s content. If you do download several of the wallpapers and move them to your Watch, you can even set them to rotate between them each time you view your watch face!

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The photos used for these wallpaper backgrounds originated from Pixabay, where you can download free photos of almost any type for free and use them free of charge.

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